About Bike Park

Kasina Wielka is a quiet and charming location, which is perfect to retreat from reality and relax while biking. We welcome all bike lovers! Both beginners, families with children, as well as experienced amateurs can find exactly what they need. We guarantee sports people a good training as well. We have good facilities for cyclists such as an inn, hire shop, bike service centre, or cycling school. Kasina has its own cycling tradition. First trails were created here shortly after this sport was introduced to Poland.

The idea to create not yet the Bike Park but simply a cycling trail on the Śnieżnica mountain emerged in 2007. The initiators and also executors of the first line, the co-called Pucharówka, were the Wincenciak Brothers (Biotop), well-known in the DH community, and Niepołomice Cycling Society, which was disbanded some time ago. The then crazy plan was implemented in 2008. The line of around 1600 m ran partially through the middle woods and partially under the lift. The entire line was handmade and the only element created with the use of equipment was the landing of the final jump, where record-breakers made jumps of even 19 m! In June 2008 the Polish Cup preliminaries were organised there. The competition was really successful and the attendance was high (around 300 participants).

In further years, the line was renewed a few times with mixed results. The Bike Park came into existence in 2014. Its founder was Filip Janiszewski. Antidote Bike Park consisted of four lines: the old route of the Wincenciak Brothers called Antidote Race Line, Biotop Line, Jaws Sweet One and Funn Line. In 2015 on the Race Line the Polish Downhill Cup was organised. 2016 was ground breaking for the station (installation of a new Doppelmayr detachable chairlift and huge Bike Park investment).

At present, we are the largest facility of this type in Poland. We have nine paths of different profiles and difficulty levels. We have a state-of-the-art and fast chairlift, which will transport you and your bike to the summit in just 5 minutes!

The builder of the Kasina Bike Park

Bike Park

Arek Perin

He has been involved in cycling, coaching and cycling facilities for many years. He has constructed over 50 lines, starting from pump tracks, through bike parks of diverse type, to private training tracks, for example for famous mountain biker Maja Włoszczowska. He is a multiple Polish Downhill Cup medallist, ENDURO 2015 Polish Champion, coach and manager of the Polish Downhill Team and technical coach of Maja Włoszczowska, Marek Konwa and many others. He took part in the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Bike is the passion of his life, he devotes his entire free time to cycling, and now he is ready to share his skills and experience with you!

Artur Green Kołodziej

His cycling adventure started already in 1995, when he became a member of Ikatur Giant Team in Cracow. After a short break (2001-7) he returned to mountain biking, but he started doing gravity-assisted mountain biking (Downhill, Enduro). From 2007 he contributes to Dh-zone.com., one of the biggest Downhill mountain biking websites at the time. He is the founder of Downhill24.bike, an up-to-date website of global range. Passionate for the two wheels, he has been cooperating with Arek Bike Camps since 2016.

Jacek Gardoń

In the winter season, he is a ski instructor, teaching skiers in Poland and abroad, and a trainer for a skiing club. He is a many-times winner of the Polish Instructor Championships. He is skiing for around 7 months each year. The rest of his year is devoted to bicycles. For years he has been building and maintaining cycling routes in Wierchomla. He is also a mountain biking instructor and a bicycle repair specialist. He frequently takes part in downhill competitions. Work or passion? Definitely both!